Monday, August 1, 2011

French Fries

I love french fries.  I mean, I really love french fries.  After I stopped eating gluten, I discovered that I often cannot eat fries in restaurants.  If they are not fried in a dedicated fryer then they can be contaminated with gluten from other foods that may be fried in the same fryer.  I could not imagine not eating french fries again, so I tried making my own.  It's super easy, they're always hot and fresh (essential to a good fry), and since I make them in my own kitchen, I know they're safe to eat. 

The key to a really good fry, with a soft inside but crispy outside, is to fry them twice.  They can sit for up to two hours after the first fry, but should be eaten immediately (when they're hot!) after the second fry. 

French Fries
Serves 2

1 Baking potato, cut into strips of your desired size (keep them the same thickness, though), peeled if you wish
Peanut Oil

After cutting the potatoes, soak them in a bowl filled with cold water, 20-30 minutes.  Drain, and pat dry.

Heat peanut oil in your fryer (if you don't have a fryer, use a large pot) to 350 degrees.  Place the potatoes in the oil in small batches.  Allow to fry for 5-7 minutes; the fries will be slightly golden, and limp.  Place them on a plate with a paper towel on them to soak up the grease.  Repeat with remaining potatoes.  After all the potatoes have been fried once, increase the heat to 375 degrees. 

Fry the potatoes a second time at the increased heat, again in small batches, for 2-3 minutes.  They should be golden brown and crisp.  Remove to a clean paper towel covered plate.  Salt as desired. 

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